Wind Turbine 3 kW

Wind Turbine 3 kW

Wind Turbine 3 kW


After years of study, testing and installations in wind turbines of vertical axis, we present a new type of wind turbine, AIR turbo. The inclined vanes direct air from any direction in the inner flaps of opposite slope, creating conditions of rotation of the inner vertical axis, resulting in high efficiency. A revolutionary creation for electricity production by taking advantage of the mechanical force of the wind, with no cost. It has small size, low height, light weight and requires little installation space. The AIR turbo turbine can thus be placed everywhere, in roofs, rooftops, balconies, the open space of land etc.


Technical Specifications:

Power: 3 KW

Hight: > 3 m

Weight: 240 kg

Area: 9.00 m2

Min speed: > 2.5 m/s

Max speed: 65 m/s

Noise: 20 dB