After years of studying, testing and installations in the wind turbines of vertical axis, we present a new type of wind turbine, the AIR turbo. The inclined vanes direct air from any direction in the inner flaps of opposite slope, creating conditions of rotation of the inner vertical axis, resulting in high efficiency. A revolutionary creation for electricity production by taking advantage of the mechanical force of the wind, with no cost. It has a small size, low height, light weight and requires little installation space. The AIR turbo turbine can thus be placed everywhere, in roofs, rooftops, balconies, in open spaces of land etc.


ASTE has its Headquarters and its industrial plant in Kosovo, in the regional unit of Gjakova. The industrial plant of ASTE Group Swiss AG. is the sole property of the Executive Director (Mr. Riza Smajli). It is equipped with all required machinery, to manufacture and assemble the vertical wind turbines. The facility covers 1.200 m2 with a production capacity of 1200 units per year. The new facility that covers 50.000 m2 will increase the production to a capacity of 20.000 units per year. In the new production unit, the combination of skilled personnel and advanced technological equipment, allows the realization of complex tasks with the highest quality standards. The work includes assembly, welding and machining.



ASTE Group Swiss S.A. was first set up in 2012 as SINGLE ANONYMOUS COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY S.A. in Switzerland and was later expanded and registered in the Companies Registry in Gjakova in 12.12.2017 with the business number 810077322. Our company is active in the industry of energy, with the main focus in providing energy from renewable resources and the transaction of its electrical form. “ASTE Group Swiss S.A.” has a long experience in the construction of wind turbines in Swiss and is now the pioneer of the vertical wind turbine industry in Kosovo.

Dear friends, family and customers,

We would like to inform you that from 21. 07. 2018, ASTE Kosova, beside the turbines with vertical shaft (for the production of alternative wind power) offers two new products, as follows:

  1. Solar Modules, this is also a device for the producton of alternative energy by sun rays;

  2. ASTE Battery for saving the green energy alternative, LiFeYPO4 (200Ah, 3,2V).

ASTE Group International:

The philosophy of our company: "The client is the king". We have set ourselves a very hard responsibility and we work very hard and seriously. We are happy only when our costumers are completly satisfied with our work. ASTE has a full quality and guarantee, which means there where our products are, are also international insurance. With the quality of our products, we have opened doors everywhere, where our costumers can convincingly count on our quality and our guarantee. We are always attentive and try to fill the needs and requests of our costumers. All this only and only for our motto to remain true: "ASTE garuantees quality and a long service." Our strength: We offer a quickly and esay treatment and assure you that all of our products will fit your needs.


With honor,




​P resentation of main points for the Wind Park in KOSOVA:

  • Park owner is ASTE Group Swiss S.A. in association with Central Bank, World Bank, European Bank.

  • The size of the Park is scoped for a total of 200 MW of wind power generation.

  • The company is seeking a loan of 800.000.000, 00 Euros in order to complete the project and will mortgage the park to the lender until such time all monies are paid back with interest.

Project  Assessment:​

  • From the preliminary studies, it is evident that this park, with its High Wind yield and its ideal location for easy and quick construction, is an ideal investment opportunity, with an excellent payback period, rivalling the best wind on shore wind parks in the market.

  • In this financial analysis there is an option to expand to a total of  50 MW  with the same revenue yield, an average IRR of exceeding  22 %, with one of the highest feed in tariffs in the world, and with the 20 year guarantee revenue streams. This is by far one of the best opportunities for capital loan or investment, or a combination of both. 





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